Recruiters' guide: getting started on Type12

Type12 is a web application for conducting remote technical interviews for software engineers. For each interview, Type12 creates a new virtual remote instance fully configured with your preferred languages, frameworks and technologies so you can test your candidate in an environment that looks as close as possible to your production environment.

This makes the candidate's experience comfortable and allows the candidate to fully demonstrate his technical skills with real scenarios.

How to invite a candidate to the interview

If you’re new to using Type12 there's nothing more beneficial for you than actually playing with the editor in our Sandbox.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Create a new interview: specify a name for the interview, a name for the candidate who you're going to test and ultimately select the interview environment among one of our pre-configured stack.
  2. Invite: invite your candidate by sending the invitation link that eventually appears after the interview has been successfully created. You could send the invitation link to your candidate right away per email or in a Google Calendar description. 
  3. Play – when the time of the interview comes by, you're ready to log-in in Type12 and create and hit play. This will instantiate the interview with the stack you selected.

Coordinating the interview process with Engineers

Make sure the interviewer does a little bit of testing ahead of time, here's a useful guide that you might want to send him/her.

The interviewer before the candidate will join the interview has to set up the interview environment, by selecting the tech components that he wants to have to test the skills of the candidate.

When the candidate will click the link a session will start and both the interviewer and the candidate will work on the same shared view.

After the interview and reviewing pads

At the end of the interview, the interviewer should click the β€œEnd Interview” button at bottom right. This closes the session for further editing, makes it no longer accessible to your candidate.

Type12 stores all interview data for playback at a later time.

Final tips

If you have engineers who are new to Type12, we strongly recommend you have them get started by writing some code in our Sandbox.

For any questions or concerns about how things work in Type12, email us at - we're always hearing.

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