Interviewers' guide: getting started on Type12

Type12 is a web application for conducting remote technical interviews for software engineers. For each interview, Type12 creates a new virtual remote instance fully configured with your preferred languages, frameworks and technologies so you can test your candidate in an environment that looks as close as possible to your production environment.

Preparing before interviews

If you’re new to using Type12 there's nothing more helpful for you than actually playing with the online IDE by signing up here.

Setting up a Type12 interview

If you’re going to set up a new interview yourself, here's what you have to do. (If a recruiter on your company is doing that for you and you only have to connect to test the candidate we also recommend you forwarding this doc to a colleague on your HR team)

After you've logged in in your account:

  1. Create a new interview: specify an interview name, the candidate name and ultimately select the interview environment among one of our pre-configured stack. If you can't find a sandbox with your framework, please reach out to us (
  2. Invite your candidate: invite your candidate by sending the invitation link that eventually appears after the interview has been successfully created. You could send the invitation link to your candidate right away per email or in a Google Calendar description. 
    This will create a new row in your Dashboard, with the status label set as Ready.
  3. Start the interview – at the established time, log-in in Type12  and hit the play icon. This will initiate the interview with the exact stack you selected.

Conducting a Type12 interview

Once your candidate has joined the interview you can Start the call by pressing the hit green button.

What you, as interviewer, see:

What your candidate sees:

Prepping the environment

As previously saw, when creating an interview you will be asked first what is the tech stack that you'd like to interview your candidate. Type12 will automatically set up for you a remote instance with the tech stack configuration that you prefer.

Unfortunately, after you've created the interview you can't change the preconfigured initial stack. We recommend you to delete and create a new interview.

You can explore to see a detailed list of languages, frameworks, databases and, utilities that we support here

Coding environment

Both you and the candidate will be able to:

1. Edit the folder tree (on the left)
2. Edit the code in the main panel (on the right)
3. Run commands and see the output in the terminal below (bottom of the screen)

The code is always autosaved. If you're browser's candidate all of a sudden crushes, all the code he wrote won't be lost and by re-joining the interview he/she will be able to keep working on the exact same environment.

End an interview

When you feel that you have already all the info to evaluate your candidate hit the red button on the top-right on your IDE. This will exit your candidate from the IDE and will terminate the environment.

Be careful, there's no undo action.

Taking notes during the interview

A good way to keep track of your candidate interview is to take notes. You, as the interviewer, have also access to a specific panel below the code editor that lets you take notes in real time using a markdown syntax.

Final tips

If you have additional questions about how things work in Type12, email us at We are always hearing.

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